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Open to ALL players.  These sessions are fast-paced, intense and high-energy.  Our groups focus primarily on ball-handling as well as both shooting and lay-up footwork.  We occasionally offer competitions for prizes such as innovative basketball gear and FREE training!



We keep the skill and competitive level similar throughout the workouts in order to keep transition time from one drill to the next at a minimum.  This also allows us to progress at a steady pace as a unit.  Still dominated by ball-handling and footwork, we also implement 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 competitive segments during workouts.  We have the ability to continue enhancing drills to make them more challenging for the players as the group continues to improve.  Come to a group that matches your age, and if you are too skilled for the group we will invite you to the next elite group!



There isn't an aspect of ball-handling that we don't cover during these sessions.  Hand-speed, ball-control, dribble strength, body-control, balance, footwork, body positioning, off-hand activity, eye-placement, reaction and counters, and the list goes on. Our goal is for each athlete to get 1,000 touches on the basketball during the 1-hour session.



We keep the skill and competitive level similar throughout the gym as well as the position that each player plays for his/her team.  Unlike other trainers, we specialize in every position on the floor.  Our trainers resume includes working with WNBA Superstar and arguably the best post player in the world, NCAA student-athletes and high school student athletes.



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