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Our Travel Team program is designed to prepare student-athletes to compete  at the collegiate level and to provide opportunities to be evaluated by college coaches. iDream will compete in events that most college coach attend providing a platform for our student-athletes to excel.  The Travel teams are for players that are committed to continue their skill development and desire to compete at the highest level. Each year between March and July, iDream will compete nationally in events and play in over 50 games.

In addition, we provide our student-athletes with the information, tools and support to be successful during the recruitment process.

Thank you for choosing to join the iDream Girls Basketball club family.  We believe that you were sent here by God and will make a positive impact within our club.  Participating at this level is an investment in your child's future and we appreciate you entrusting us with that responsibility. By participating in collegiate exposure events and following our guided system, our student athletes are strategically put in an advantageous position to obtain athletic scholarships.



Thank you for choosing to join the iDream Girls Basketball club family.

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Please visit our dedicated page to Fundraisers to view more options 


To compete at this  level cost. From tournament fees, gym rental fees, equipment, travel, etc. We prefer all players to look uniform like a TEAM. Many teams will continually request different amount on the weekly or monthly basis.


Registration to participate is solely online. All payments will be submitted online.  If you prefer to pay by check, you will be instructed during checkout where to send the funds. You may also send funds via PAYPAL to:

Use Family and Friends to avoid charges.


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