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iDream Basketball strives to create life-long opportunities for youth through basketball. Helping student-athletes of all levels maximize their abilities to reach their full potential. 

We do so through a combination of:

* Recruiting girls, typically ages 13 to 17, with strong basketball abilities and

academic drive

* Providing superior training and coaching throughout the year.

* Participating in the top basketball tournaments in North America, generating exposure to coaches from top universities, colleges and prep schools


* Creating access to willing and able role models who guide the players through broader life decisions, well after they leave the program.


* Investing in the players as people by instilling strong principles and work ethic and ensuring they are ready for life post-basketball Bridging the gap between school, community, and family 

"God gives each of us different ability and talent. It is up to us to develop those abilities, and then use them to impact the lives of others. iDream Basketball is committed to impacting the lives of our youth, their families, and their communities."  - Coach Hall


iDream Basketball understands the importance of helping our community by touching the lives of those who are less fortunate.


This is why our basketball program places an emphasis not only on meeting educational goals and developing basketball skills, but also on the importance of giving back. Many of our student-athletes will spend time and talents this summer, working with Community Outreach, Boys and Girls Club, and a number of other community involvement programs.


iDream Basketball is proud to be a part of what these organizations are doing to change the outlook of our youth and shape the future of our communities. We believe that these activities will be a rewarding experience for our athletes, teaching them the importance of service,

hard-work, and helping others. iDream Basketball is truly committed to touching and impacting the lives of our area's youth, their families, and communities.

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